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Government Connections

In recent years, Peking University has signed Memorandum of Understanding regarding collaborations in the areas of technological innovation, education, talent training, culture exchange and strategy consulting. These provinces and cities include:
 Beijing City
Tianjin City
Chongqin City
Fujian Province
Guangdong Province
Jiangsu Province
Shandong Province
Jiangxi Province
Jilin Province
Liaoning Province
Hainan Province
Henan Province
Shanxi Province
Gansu Province
Hunan Province
Zhejiang Province
Guizhou Province
Yunnan Province
Ningxia Autonomous Region
Xinjiang  Uygur Autonomous Region
Guangxi Autonomous Region
Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Collaboration frameworks with Peking University and local governments:
  • Joint Research Program
  • Joint Commercialization Office
  • Technology Transfer Subsidiary Office
  • Joint Research Institution Division