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Intellectual Property

The Intellectual Property Office strives to offer the best Intellectual Property protection to the university patents through strong law and intellectual property knowledge and expertise.  The IP office offers services in the four areas: 

  1. Transformation Fund Management Patents
  2. High Patent Mining
  3. High-end Patent Protection
  4. Patented Technology Commercialization Operations
The IP Office accelerates the rate of technology transfer and commercialization through licensing university patents.The office intends to establish a leading high-end university patent trading platform in P.R. China.  Through the combination of professional expertise and abundant public and private funding resources, the office will be able to connect with the needs of current commercial markets, and bridge the developmental needs of businesses, government and the society.  
In 2014, the office started a Patent Commercialization Fund that is specifically used to run a patent-trading platform, which is currently in the process of building.  The fund is approved by the Peking University to improve the operation of patent managements, such as patent protection, operation and application filing, as well as to investment in high-value patents. The initial installment of the Patent Commercialization Fund is 7-10 million RMB. 

In recent years, PKU has submitted on average 500 patent applications, and issued more than 300 patens annually.