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Investment Funds

PKU-TTC as Fund Partner 

PKU-TTC is a General Partner (GP) in 4 technological innovation and incubation investment funds with investable funds totaling to 270 Million RMB for 2014.  These funds are set up in collaboration with Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Beijing Haidian District Government, PKU alumni and others.
  1. Early Project Fund
  2. Incubation Fund
  3. Technological Innovation Fund
  4. Commercialization PE Fund
Venture Capital Alliance

The Beijing High-Tech Venture Capital Alliance (BHTVCA) is an elite investment society consisting of 11 highly selective investment firms in the Beijing area with strong investment interests in high-tech start-ups. The alliance is launched in March 2014 and it is currently under the leadership and management of Peking University Technology Transfer Centre (PKU-TTC), along with the official endorsement of the Torch Industry Development Center Ministry of Science and Technology, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission, Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun, and Beijing Haidian District Government.
The purpose of this alliance is to directly connect international and domestic researchers and entrepreneurs with Chinese venture capital firms that are interested in high-tech start-ups. The connection will quickly match promising technologies with investors, thus speed up the rate of technology transfer and commercialization across international borders.
All members will meet twice a month for a Pitch Meeting where start-ups and technology developers will present his or her project for the VC firms for investment opportunities.  In each meeting, two domestic and one international project will be presented.  The project team will be invited to Beijing and deliver their pitch; a representative from PKU-TTC office will deliver the presentation to the alliance if the team is not able to attend the meeting.