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“Foundation of Entrepreneurship” Lecture 11 - Start-ups’ Financial Management

The eleventh lecture of the elective class, "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on May 3rd in 2016. We invited Wang Wei, Beijing North TMT industry tax partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers accounting firm, and Zhang Tian, accounting and payroll external services manager, to talk about "start-ups’ financial management."


Mr Wang and Ms Zhang spoke about the challenges they had faced and the solutions they came up with in financial management from the perspective of an entrepreneur on a "business trip". Based on their own work, they explained the stages of start-ups’ financial management, "establishment, growth, leap". They analyzed cash flow management, investor relations management, and start-up enterprise tax tube at the beginning of enterprises’ establishment from the theoretical level. And they also described how to do internal audits and support personnel and systems through the specific examples of enterprises growth.


Through two teachers’ detailed teaching and analysis of examples, we had a greater understanding of start-ups’ financial management, and had a deeper knowledge of financial practical problems in entrepreneurship.