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Two elective classes have successfully commenced this semester

This semester, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship opened two complementary courses, 《Hands-on of Entrepreneurship》and《Technology Commercialization of New Ventures》, which provide students a strong platform to learn beyond the foundations of entrepreneurship.


2015.9.15 On Tuesday afternoon, the first class of 《Hands-on of Entrepreneurship》took place in room 102, WangKezhen Building. The Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Professor Chen Dongmin, lectured the class and shared his profound understanding of entrepreneurship. He discussed how to find a niche in the market by summarizing his successful career in Silicon Valley as well as analyzing other successful entrepreneurs from the last 100 years. Professor Chen’s inspirational talk was followed by students’ highly interactive discussion, which gave them an opportunity to more deeply explore the dynamics of entrepreneurship.


《Hands-on of Entrepreneurship》 has been taught for three semesters with great success since its inception. Based on students’ basic knowledge of entrepreneurship, 《Hands-on of Entrepreneurship》goes further by introducing real-time simulation, thereby enabling students to experience the whole process of starting a business, cultivating entrepreneurship and developing a collaborative work environment.


2015.9.17 On Thursday afternoon, the first class of 《Technology Commercialization of New Ventures》 took place in room 102, WangKezhen Building. Original designer of this course, Professor Li Yiran shared his own experience as an entrepreneur and the knowledge he accumulated teaching at MIT, where he lectured students about technology commercialization. Lively atmosphere in the class continued on Wechat even after the class.


《Technology Commercialization of New Ventures》is a newly added course, which focuses on high-tech ventures and the knowledge and technology requisites for such enterprises. Systematic study on theories and practice give students a clear image of the logic behind successful technology commercialization, while helping them apply what they have learned in class to the real world.