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Hands-on Entrepreneurship was successfully held

The optional course ‘Hand-on Entrepreneurship’ was successfully held on September 13, 2016 in the classroom 102 of Wang Kezhen building, Peking University. Professor Chen Dongmin, the Dean of Peking University’s School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and a serial entrepreneur, has a keen understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship. At the beginning of the class, Professor Chen discussed the relationship between enterprise education and management using his rich entrepreneurship experience in Silicon Valley, along with some successful cases of entrepreneurship from the last few years. Later, he brought some insightful views about enterprise education. The course content also included the development of foreign country’s enterprise-starting education, the policy support for entrepreneurship in China and how to seize entrepreneurship opportunities and establish business models when facing social transformations, like political reform and technological innovation.

Professor Chen brought ‘flipped classroom’ of the innovation into the class.


On the one hand, the study of Hands-on Entrepreneurship via MOOCS helps students to learn the theoretical knowledge in advance, through video lessons; on the other hand, teachers can guide the students to analyze in depth and discuss in class. Through doing this, we can provide a much more full and active classroom atmosphere for students to learn and discuss.