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"Innovative Thinking and Practice" workshop successfully held

The Innovative thinking and practice lecture was held at 102 in Wangkezhen Lou on September 25th in 2015 at 7: 00-9: 00pm. The speaker was Mr Li Yilan, PhD, Entrepreneurship Mentor and Research Fellow. She combined her own extensive business operations, business and teaching experience, with, economics, management and other interdisciplinary educational background, Ms Li taught us to learn how to "think outside the box" in a lively and interactive atmosphere with a combination of both theoretical and practical approaches.

Through innovative thinking and a practice workshop, we aimed to achieve the following objectives in the formation of innovative thinking and the methodology of innovative thinking:

Enable students to understand the methodology of creative thinking. Creative thinking can be trained through the system culture.

Enable students to master the practical ability of innovative thinking. Guiding each student to participate in a simulation case and experiencing specific paths from innovative thinking to execution landing.