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Mobile Internet business opportunities and shared economic model

The eighth lecture of the elective class, "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on April 12th in 2016. We invited an alumnus, one of Beijing Dong Fang Hongdao Asset Management Company’s founding partners, Li Xiaoguan, to lecture on "mobile Internet business opportunities and a shared economic model".

In the class, Mr Li covered three aspects, including Chinese Internet entrepreneurs’ briefings, the entrepreneurial opportunities of mobile Internet and shared economic models in 2015.

The first aspect covered Chinese Internet entrepreneurs establishing 8 new companies on average in 2015, the decline of regional concentrated North Canton three, electricity providers, local life, entertainment, business services for the hot areas, the amount of investment growth compared to 43% in 2014, an investment amount increased by 197%.

Second, he stated that we should be looking for entrepreneurial opportunities that the public are not satisfied with, have the courage to challenge the authority and leaders who have carried out subversive user experience along with business model innovation and learn from successes. Finally, he stressed that we should to carry out venture observation to find the outlet exactly.

Third, the Didi travel case indicates that the economic substance of sharing is an economic response to the economic downturn in the self-repair mechanism. The effects of P2P lending and equity-crowd funding on the impact of national policies are not yet clear.

Mr Li selected venture projects for the students through his own practice and cases. He analyzed the feasibility of each project as well as the prospects estimated. This allowed the students to have a good grasp of market dynamics and the impacts of national policies to improve entrepreneurial success rates!