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Project showcase and Evaluation in the class

The fourth course of the elective class, "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on March 15th in 2016." This course was divided into two parts: the first part is was project showcase, and the second part is was the "market-products-customer" content.

After previous study, our students gave their initial presentations of their entrepreneurship projects, including project profiles, market analysis, products and sales. Meanwhile, they all recruited like-minded students to join their entrepreneurial team. After that, Professor Dongmin Chen assessed and evaluated the potential of each program. We hope we can help these projects become real business projects. The students showed a great deal of enthusiasm on each project, and also expressed their views on these projects.

Professor Chen taught students how to segment and enter the market, how to create a product roadmap and how to conduct market research and so on. With Professor Chen’s help, students assessed their projects referring to what they learned. They also made decisions about their own entrepreneurial projects, the product roadmap and the technology roadmap.