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Lawyer, Wang Yingjun-"on Entrepreneurship Equity"

The fifth lecture of the elective class, "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on March 22th in 2016. We invited our alumnus Wang Yingjun, Beijing Youlv science CEO and co-founder of Youlv innovation, to teach "those things in Entrepreneurship Equity."

During the class, Mr Wang said it had been common that entrepreneurial teams were disbanded due to equity disputes in venture capital circles, especially if members of the core equity issue were not handled properly, this would result in start-up companies falling. This made the allocation of shares an intractable issue. Mr Wang explained in detail how agreements are signed between the partners, how to share venture revenue, and how to deal with partners’ breach of agreements. At the same time Mr Wang answered students’ questions about the details of what should be considered for financing and the need for financing among other issues.

Mr Wang had a positive interaction in the classroom with the students, and gave his suggestions on how teams experiencing practical problems can improve. After class, the students gave him a standing ovation!