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the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship has opened a class of Foundation of Entrepreneurship

The elective class of Foundation of Entrepreneurship was opened in erjiao 207, on February 23rd in 2016. The chief course teacher is Dongmin ChenDean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Peking University. Professor Chen has a profound understanding of innovation; combining his rich experiences in Silicon Valley with cases of successful entrepreneurs over the past century, he analyzed the reasons of business opportunities’ generation, and explained how to seize entrepreneurial opportunities to be successful in the face of of political reform and technological innovation in a new era.


In the Foundation of Entrepreneurship class, we aim to study foundation knowledge, train entrepreneurial competences and cultivate entrepreneurship among others.


Firstly, in making students master the basic knowledge needed in implementing entrepreneurial activities, we hope they cognize the particularity of innovation’s basic meaning and foundation activities. This allows them to recognize and analyze entrepreneurs, entrepreneurial chances, business resources, business plans and entrepreneurial projects dialectically.


Secondly, in equipping students with the necessary entrepreneurial abilities, we expect them to understand the method of innovation resource integration and writing business plans, be familiar with the new business management and start-up process. Allowing them to improve their comprehensive quality and ability in founding and managing enterprise.


Thirdly, in enabling students to establish a scientific concept of enterprise, we want them to adapt to the national economic and social development, people’s all-round development needs, understand the relationship between entrepreneurship and career development correctly, abide by business rules consciously and throw themselves into business practices in a positive manner.