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Brainstorming Workshop held successfully

Year-off Workshop Practice Series --- "brainstorming mode of thinking, processes, and case studies” workshop was held successfully in Wangkezhen 106 in the afternoon of October 30th in 2015. The workshop invited LKK INNOVATION LTD founder and Rococo Innovative Design Group general manager, Miao Zang, to share her experience. Ms Miao has her own deep understanding of the brainstorming method of thinking. She used her personal experiences to share brainstorming mode of thinking, processes and case studies with students in the automotive user experience, user experience of smart software, hardware user experience, Internet banking user experience, and the O2O transformation of traditional enterprises.

After this activity, this workshop aimed to achieve the following goals in mind diffusion and polymeric thinking:

Enable students to understand the diffusion of thinking and polymeric thinking. Diffusion of thinking can help a team to break the shackles and create more possibilities; while polymer thinking explores the direction of a product from many different perspectives.

Enable students to master a combination of both ways of thinking. Using both diffusion and polymeric thinking, grasp the opportunity of innovative products and efficient brain burst method.