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Peking University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Training Course for Handan City Teachers

From the 7-12 June 2016, 35 teachers from Handan Bureau of human resources and social security and Handan Polytechnic took the training course for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, held at Peking University. Peking University’s School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Handan City Human Resources and Social Security Office worked together to organize the event. This course is an important component of Handan’s talent strategy to give the city’s leadership strong support.


Professor Chen Dongmin, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and director of teaching and training, and Li Yiyan, the distinguished researcher, worked together to explain the 12 modules of the course. These include the foundation of entrepreneurship, the identification and analysis of entrepreneurial opportunities, and the resources and management of entrepreneurship. Both professors discussed entrepreneurship using detailed cases studies and their own successful experience in the field. From creativity and innovation to basic entrepreneurial logic, they systematically discussed the different stages and approaches to the entrepreneurial route, management techniques, as well as the value of present day entrepreneurship to personal and societal development.


During the training, the students were given a tour around Zhongguancun’s Venture Avenue, to gain onsite understanding of Zhongguancun’s mass entrepreneurship and innovation service situation. They visited the 1898 café and had a chat with the founding shareholders, discussing their innovative business model.


The course was well received by the trainees; all said that it gave them not only an all new knowledge of entrepreneurship, but also a deeper understanding of the necessity of lifelong education. They went on to speak of the teachers’ selfless work ethic and constant pursuit of perfection. All of this had a profound influence on those involved, as they were keen to immediately follow in their teachers’ footsteps. Everything that they have learned from the training will soon be put into in practice in the world of work.