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Technology Transfer

Peking University Technology Transfer Center (PKU-TTC)
Peking University Technology Transfer Center (PKU-TTC)  is a business-oriented department within the university that is responsible for technology transfer and commercialization of research products. 

Transferring research products into the market  has transformative social and economic impact on improving the quality of life for the society. It increases the efficiency of production and business while enhancing job creations.  PKU-TTC recognizes the benefits of transferring technological innovation from research labs to businesses, and has been an active player in technological commercialization. The center combines world-class research with strong Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) policy to foster a healthy and upbeat entrepreneurial environment. 
PKU-TTC’s team of professionals define “transfer” by facilitating joint ventures between technology developers and local government agencies, state-owned corporations and private corporations through IP licensing, M&A, and various funding options.  In general, PKU-TTC’s line of services can be categorized into 3 broad areas: domestic technology transfer, international technology transfer, and investment fund management. 
Domestic Technology Transfer
The PKU-TTC headquarter is located in Beijing, with 3 subsidiaries located in Nanjing, Suzhou and Zhangjiagang, China.  Each subsidiary center focuses on different areas of technologies and adopts a distinct approach to its commercialization strategy.
Nanjing Bio-Pharma Innovation Center

Established in September 2013, the center is mainly focused on commercializing biomedical and pharmaceutical technologies, which include the development of new drugs and medical devices.  The center recently set up a joint venture with a drug development platform company - Caywon Pharmaceutical (Nanjing) Ltd..
Suzhou International Technology Transfer Center

Established in November 2013, the center is heavily tailored towards commercializing international technologies, with a special focus on transferring South-East Asian renewable, energy-saving and information technologies.  In addition, the center is working closely with a group of small medium enterprises from Europe in biomedicine. 
Zhangjiagang Technology Transfer Center

 It is the first PKU-TTC subsidiary commercialization center.  Established in the end of 2012, the center is primarily focused on industrial equipment manufacturing, sustainable environmental technologies.
International Technology Transfer

PKU-TTC acts as a unique channel that connects global technologies directly to the Chinese commercial market.  The center extends its strong expertise and services to international partners by leveraging PKU-TTC’s domestic commercialization networks to help foreign companies set up joint ventures and receive capital investment. 
PKU-TTC has signed Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with multiple international institutions and universities.  Some of our international partners include: