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OSTD Hosts First Commercialization Research Awards Ceremony

The Peking University Office of Science and Technology Development (PKU-OSTD) hosted the first Peking University Commercialization Research Award on December 20th, 2013.    Weihao Yao, Deputy Director at Office of Science and Technology Development  at Peking University hosted the award ceremony;Wei Liu , Vice Chancellor of Peking University  handed out the awards to the winning researchers.
Dongmin Chen,Director at Office of Science and Technology Development  at Peking University  delivered the keynote speech at the award ceremony.  He commented on the importance of innovation in technology commercialization in the current time, and how this importance will greatly impact on the future of the economic structure in the modern China.  Especially, Dongmin Chen introduced four platforms at OSTD that will greatly facilitate the transform of the commercialization activities: Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education and Research, High-end Intellectual Property Trading Platform, Open University-Enterprise Innovation Collaboration Platform, and International Technology Transfer and Incubation Platform“.

After the keynote, Weihao Yao called out to the winners and brought each one of them onto the stage.  Vice Chancellor Wei Liu shook hands with the winners before handing out the awards.  A few notable winner include: Dr. Jiaping Zhang, The Center for Gas Purification, Dr. Shiwen Yu , Lan Comprehensive Language Knowledge Project Principal Investigator. 
Special Contribution Award:
College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering: Gas Separation Purification Technology Center;
Information Science and Technology: Comprehensive Language Knowledge.
Best Group Award:
First price: School of Engineering
Second price: Information Science and Technology, School of Earth and Space Sciences, College of Environmental Science and Engineering;
Third price: Urban and Environmental Sciences, First Hospital of Cardiology, People's Hospital, Division of Rheumatology.
Excellency Award:
First price: School of Physics Experimental study of atmospheric diffusion of nuclear power plants and meteorological topics; Medicine Department of Clinical Oncology Hospital in VEGF receptor flt-1 as a target for anti-tumor peptide F56's research and development; Environmental Science and Engineering, Beijing and the surrounding formation mechanism and regional air pollution joint control to protect the air quality;
Second price: Institute of regulating reservoir inhibition of microbial communities microbial sulfate reduction technology development; Environmental Science and Engineering multi-media ecology rural sewage treatment technology; Information Science and Technology HINOC technology;
Third price:Mathematical Sciences launch vehicle reliability assessment and performance analysis series methods; Earth and Space Sciences, UAV remote sensing systems, early warning and forecast system development and application of Shenzhen Slope Geological disasters; Information Science and Technology, Chinese characteristics suitable for cochlear key technologies molecular Medicine stabilization and inhibition of serum siRNA sense strand off-target effects modification technology transfer of technology; research.
Individual Project Award:
Department of Medicine School of Pharmacy TU Peng-fei; Institute Wang Xi East; Institute Bin Gong; Environmental Science and Engineering, has established China; College of Environmental Science and Engineering,; Life Sciences, Ann taught; Urban and Environmental Sciences Feng Changchun; Earth and Space Sciences Division Wing China; Earth and space Sciences PAN Mao; information Science and Technology Wang Weimin; information Science and Technology Ma Siwei.

Commercialization Individual Award:
The Office of Science and Technology Development JIANG Yuxiang; Institute Bin, Wang; Mathematical Sciences Zhao; Urban and Environmental Sciences Guo Fei; Information Science and Technology, Jiang Yun; Chemistry and Molecular Engineering, Chen JT; Medicine, People's Hospital Wang Bing.