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PKU-GuangZhou Entrepreneurship Forum Has Successfully Been Launched

Innovation is the foundation of technological progress and entrepreneurship and the force behind innovation development. PKU-GuangZhou Entrepreneurship Forum was launched at GuangZhou in 2014. The Forum was designed for young entrepreneurs, connecting the youths with Peking University's abundant open education resources and alumni networks. The Forum aimed to create a new generation of young entrepreneurs with a strong passion for innovation.  The Entrepreneurship Forum was officially launched in GuangZhou on June 14th 2014, with the theme of “MayGuangdong prosper through Entrepreneurship and Innovation". The Forum was organized by Guangzhou’s Panyu Government and the Peking University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and is supported by the Peking University Alumni Association and the Alumni Association of Guangdong Province.

Lou Xukui, the District Governor of Guangzhou’s Panyu Government, was invited to deliver the opening speech. Zhang Yan, Executive Deputy Secretary, Vice-President and Professor of Peking University, Su Guaning, Honorary Chancellor and Professor of Nanyang Technological University, Dongmin Chen, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Peking University, Chen Sheng, Founder of Tiandi Yihao , Bai Wentao, Founder of Share Capital were invited to deliver keynote speeches. Li Xiaoguang, Founding Partner of Joinhope Assets Management Limited and four young entrepreneurs joined the "I can - the New Generation of Entrepreneurs Dialogue and Sharing."  In the dialogue section, representatives of outstanding young entrepreneurs from Guangzhou, nominally  Chen Di, founder of Youmi Technology, PengJie, founder of Share SDK, Wu Qisheng, founder of Friday, Li Jiahao, founder of Dongxi Technology, shared their entrepreneurship experiences and answered questions from the audience. Chi Zhixiong, Guangdong’s Communist Youth League Deputy Secretary, Lu Yixian, the District Community Secretary of Guangzhou’s Panyu Government, Li Yuning, Director of the Peking University Alumni Association, and Yao Weihao, Executive Deputy Dean of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University all attended the launching ceremony. The Master of the Ceremony was Guo Lei, Deputy Dean of School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Peking University.

Enrollment for the PKU-GuangZhou Entrepreneurship Forum
will start in May 2014. The Forum will include both online and offline components, as well as a social networking platform which is able to help entrepreneurs share their experiences. It collects and integrates entrepreneurial resources, enhancing the entrepreneurs’ ability to succeed in business. The forum will connect local mentors with the students, and provide them with an early incubation fund.