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"Excellent customer workshop" -Gao Chao helps you understand customer and marketing strategy

The ninth lecture of the elective class of "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on April 19th in 2016. In the course, we invited an alumnus, Excellent Customer Workshops CMO Gao Chao, to help students to understand customer and market strategies for entrepreneurship courses and add more interesting content.

During the class, Mr Gao talked about his mentality during his first public relations job in the media industry. He told his own story to show what the public relations media industry was like. Next, Mr Gao explained how to make a company survive , product technology and customer experience, how to expand the market through public media relations, how to face investors, and enhancing the visibility of the product in the early days of a business in simple terms. In addition, Mr Gao used his experiences in the working world to explain how to make a product stand out in a crowd.

In the end, Mr Gao had a positive interaction with the students, and answered the students’ questions.