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"Blankly" Mr Chen Jiang takes us through innovative thinking

The sixth lecture of the elective class of "Foundation of Entrepreneurship" was held in erjiao 207, on March 29th in 2016. We invited Chen Jiang, professor of Information Science and Technology in Peking University to give a lecture on "innovative thinking and creative design". We affectionately called him DaiDai and his arrival added excitement to the course.

In the class, Mr Chen analyzed "what is innovation," "why we innovate", "how to innovate" and many innovative mistakes in detail. In addition, he elaborated how to grasp business opportunities reasonably through innovative thinking and creative design during the entrepreneurial process. He also analyzed the pros and cons of 10 different kinds of technology along with resource base and demand for space docking mode.

Mr Chen also analyzed both classic brainstorming and derived electronic brainstorming. He pointed out that you can get more useful information and find more new ideas by brainstorming,

In the end, Mr Chen affirmed entrepreneurial ideas of the students and was willing to study and progress together with them.