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Student Association Work Conference in School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

On the twelfth of October, the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Seminar for Fall Semester 2016 was held. It was organized by the Educational Research Office of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Peking University Entrepreneurial Creative Space, important figures from both Peking University Venture Capital Research Institute and Peking University Graduate Student Association, as well as many students, participated in the event.


The conference first gave an outline of the School’s achievements from Spring Semester 2016, an outline of the plan for Fall Semester 2016, followed by an overview of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Courses. They also introduced the platform for Innovation and Entrepreneurship study, practice and communication; the Innovation and Entrepreneurship hub, situated in the Entrepreneur 3I Café, on the first floor of Wang Kezhen Building.


The heads of each association summed up their achievements so far and outlined plans for the future. The creative space’s main focus is to hold "Entrepreneur Guest Nights" and to organize "Creative idea to make Peking University Better", a competition looking for innovation. Venture Capital Research Institute will revolve around seeking out investment projects and investors. Launching these two schemes should provide more support for Innovation and Entrepreneurship students. Graduate Innovation and Entrepreneurship will concentrate on organizing competitive events for ‘Young Leaders in Entrepreneurship’. All hope to work in more depth with the institute, to continue to organize similar events, with more and more success.


In exploring the best way to combine forces to provide innovation and entrepreneurship events, this conference was another step forwards. The institute has said it will provide the site, support and any resources necessary for student innovation and entrepreneurship events.